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Melissa, Sept. 29, 2015

Lucky for me, I won a free reading with Cindy recently.  She asked me who I might want to hear from, and also to think of any questions I might have.

I am a firm believer in communicating with those who have crossed over and have had various experiences in the past.

Cindy was wonderful and we quickly "got down to business", when my Grandmother came through-as she always does.  She relayed her messages and thoughts, very consistent  to how my Grandmother spoke.

I asked Cindy to read my cards,  as I did have some specific questions.  All of her comments were concise and related uniquely to my family members.

Cindy has a very reassuring manner and a calm presence during the session and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

Thanks so much Cindy, I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Gail,  April 23, 2015

My father passed away unexpectantly in January. I needed to know if he had passed over and that he was peaceful. I also needed a chance to say some parting words.

Cindy Evans gave me  that chance. She has an incredible gift of helping us connect with our loved ones once again. She is patient,understanding and compassionate. Cindy brought up topics that she would not have known without some help from my Dad. A couple things she mentioned we were unsure what they meant until a couple days later when they actually happened.  It is hard to express in words the comfort I got fromconnecting with my him and the others I have lost (they were in attendance as well )and to know their spirit is still with us.  

Cindy you helped us get through a very difficult time of loss

And to help put the loss of someone into perspective that there is live after death.

Thanks again.


Margi, Sept. 19, 2014

I met you for the first time today, yet you made me feel I have known you for many lifetimes.  I didn't feel we were just connecting - I felt we were re-connecting.  Although we were meeting for a different reason, you quickly proved to me that you do indeed have a very powerful gift of clairvoyance.  When you mentioned my Mum and Dad and told me that they are proud of made me cry.  When you mentioned the word "flowers", you totally blew me away!  How could you know that flowers were on my to do list today?? I didn't even come to you for a reading - I came to you for a business meeting, but your gift shines through.

I look forward to our journey ahead together. 

"C", 2013
Dear Cindy,


As I thought about my upcoming visit with you, I recalled my previous visits.

The first time I met you was about 6 years ago now.  It was for "just a question".  I didn't give you any background yet you were able to tell me info regarding the situation as well as let me know the outcome...

After that, I booked a full reading.  Wow!  So many things you told me were bang on....trips, career - for both me and my husband, and so many little things that I didn't think about until after they happened and realized later that you told me they would!

I have to thank you again for the gifts you have given me.  You knew just what I needed - even though I didn't realize I needed them until you gave them to me.  Thank you!


I wouldn't hesitate recommending you to anyone an dlook forward to our next visit.




Shannon, June, 2011

Dear Cindy,

I am writing this letter to ensure that you realize how wonderful your readings have been for me. Over the years, I have had several tarot card readings done by you and I have always been impressed your intuitive predictions. 

Not only were you correct in your prediction about when I would meet my “knight in shining armor”, you also nailed his appearance and personality to a tee! We are happier than ever, and your regular card readings provide me with the assurance and comfort that assist me in my day to day life.

Your continual intuitive gift will continue to astound me for years to come; however, it is your wisdom and knowledge of life’s challenges that really keeps me coming back. After a reading with you, I feel comforted and confident to take the next steps in life’s journey. I walk away feeling self-assured and content in the fact that someone really understood my spiritual and emotional needs.

Thanks again Cindy for all that you have given me over the years with your intuitive gift, offerings of advice and knowledge, and a kind and considerate demeanor.








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